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We are a team of qualified and experienced Hearing Industry Professionals who will help change the way you listen to the world around you.

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Product Features

Comfortable Fit

Every hearing aid we carry is lightweight, ergonomic, flexible and comfortable to wear with an unparalleled functionality.

Smart Hearing products

Our smart hearing aids that can readily connect with smartphones and can synchronize all your devices and help navigate between the audio sources with ease.

Powerful Results

Using the best technology for our hearing aids, we focus on delivering you the best hearing care experience for your unique needs.

Services in our clinicsYour Key To A Great Hearing Experience

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Our customers love the quality of service we always provide and we know you will too. Browse through all of our reviews to see what past clients have said.

Wasan Jajou
Wasan Jajou
12. April, 2022.
If you are considering getting a professional ear wax cleaning or hearing test, I HIGHLY recommend Evear Hearing! My mom experienced ear pain recently, that was getting progressively worse. I suggested getting a proper ear wax cleaning. After a quick search, Evear came up. I called & Steve, the owner picked up. He was so patient & explained all the details. He was funny and friendly & took his time. The price seemed very reasonable! We booked an appointment with Vittoria at the Mississauga clinic by the water. As soon as we arrived, we loved the location: big, bright & clean. Vittoria was so lovely, kind & patient. She explained every step to us & began cleaning my mom's ear. She constantly checked how the water temp & pressure was & if my mom was ok to proceed. We decided we'd come back for another appointment to clean out the rest of the wax, as there was some resistance. We scheduled again & once again Vittoria was so lovely. This time the remainder of the wax was removed. With the state of the art tech there, we were able to see the inner ear & what was stuck there. It was also very satisfying to see what was being cleaned out of the ear! Thank God it was just some (slightly resistant) wax that had hardened on top of a more liquidy wax, and nothing more serious. We are now headed back for my mom's ear test, this time to the Brampton location. This is all part of the initial appointment we paid for & were not charged further at the last appt to remove the remaining wax, or for today's hearing test. Vittoria was just wise to see it needed to be approached in stages. I really appreciate how places treat me, but more so how they treat my family. You are in great hands here, as they are ethical & not trying to take advantage. This place is so good, I made an appt for my uncle! I can't say enough good things! Vittoria was super patient on the phone last week, when I booked today's appt & went above and beyond to accommodate my mom. Thank you Steve, Vittoria & Evear Hearing. I'll continue to spread the good news!
Anton Nguyen
Anton Nguyen
23. March, 2022.
Booking my appointment was very simple, and the staff was fantastic!
Noha Masoud
Noha Masoud
15. March, 2022.
I was able to easily book my appointment and fill the forms online before coming in. Vittoria Curtis was great in explaining everything and helped me get rid of the wax in my ears. Also, it was so cool being able to see inside my ears using their video otoscope. Highly recommend this place if you are looking for ear wax removal!
Branislav Kovacik
Branislav Kovacik
2. March, 2022.
I’ve had the pleasure to have my ears checked by Vittoria at the Mississauga location and I can’t even express how extremely satisfied I am! I was very anxious coming in due to perforated ear drum in the past, but she was very gentle and knowledgeable, addressing and taking all my concerns into consideration. I would not go anywhere else, so lucky I found and chose this place. Big thank you!
Bradon Levalds
Bradon Levalds
23. February, 2022.
What an incredible experience coming here! From the moment I walked in and was greeted by the team, I felt at ease. The actual procedure itself was so simple and straightforward and they made me feel as comfortable as I could have been. Will definitely be coming back here!
Rick Falco
Rick Falco
16. February, 2022.
Very welcoming and friendly staff. They are accommodating to the needs clients and flexible with payment terms. Excellent and professional service 👏.
E Chea
E Chea
11. February, 2022.
The quality of care I received today was beyond exceptional. Vittoria was outstanding and made a huge difference with my painful ears. I would definitely recommend their services.
Jay Goldstein
Jay Goldstein
5. February, 2022.
Was a wonderful experience getting the EXCESSIVE wax removed from my ears. The team was very friendly and provided lots of valuable advice on preventing wax build up in the future. I will definitely be going back if needed. Now I'm pain free! Thanks
Dan55 Ellis
Dan55 Ellis
4. January, 2022.
Treatment was highest standards and had successful results restoring my hearing back to normal Highly recommend this for every one and will plan a return visit
How soon can I expect the results of my hearing test?

The results of your hearing test at Evear Hearing Clinic are typically available immediately after the evaluation. Our audiologists will take the time to discuss the results with you, explain the implications, and provide appropriate recommendations for follow-up care or treatment.

Are the hearing tests at Evear Hearing Clinic suitable for children?

Yes, Evear Hearing Clinic offers comprehensive hearing tests for both adults and children. Our experienced audiologists are trained in pediatric audiology and can provide specialized evaluations and recommendations for children of all ages.

Do I need to make an appointment for a free hearing test at Evear Hearing Clinic?

Yes, it is recommended to make an appointment for a free hearing test at Evear Hearing Clinic. By scheduling an appointment, we can ensure that a dedicated audiologist is available to provide personalized attention and conduct the necessary evaluations to accurately assess your hearing health.

What can I expect during a hearing test at Evear Hearing Clinic?

During a hearing test at Evear Hearing Clinic, our experienced audiologists will conduct a series of evaluations to assess your hearing abilities. This may include a discussion about your medical history, a physical examination of your ears, a pure-tone audiometry test, speech comprehension tests, and other specialized assessments to determine the nature and extent of your hearing loss.

Why Choose Us

Your Key to A Great Hearing Experience starts with evear hearing. We are independently owned and operated hearing specialists. We offer patients innovative hearing solutions and host some of the best hearing aids supplied within our healthcare system. We believe that better hearing allows you to connect with the world and your loved ones. We are committed to keeping you connected by providing the best hearing solutions in the industry.
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