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Tinnitus has been described as a ringing, buzzing, clicking or hissing, among others, in your ears that only you experience.

It may be constant, or it may come and go.

How Can Hearing Aids Help?

Sound Therapy

Hearing aids can be programmed to contrast the internal sound of tinnitus. Enhancing external noise makes it more difficult to perceive the internal sounds, helping the brain focus on outside sounds.

Auditory Stimulation

Auditory stimulation can provide tinnitus relief for a short period of time. A great variety of sounds can be used, including music with different types of filtering, modulated sounds with different frequencies, or various noise stimuli

Improved Communication

Loud tinnitus can make it challenging for people to engage in a conversation. The best hearing aids for tinnitus relief help by boosting external sound above the perceived volume of tinnitus.

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Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Since tinnitus and hearing loss are sometimes linked, wearing a modern hearing aid or tinnitus can be an effective tinnitus treatment. In addition to amplifying external sound, the best hearing aids for tinnitus masking have built in tinnitus therapy, providing sound therapy that can be adjusted to compensate for your hearing loss.

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Take control of your tinnitus.

No tinnitus treatment works immediately - it takes time and commitment from you to gain control over your tinnitus. But many people do find relief from their tinnitus, especially if they find a skilled hearing care professional who can help find the best hearing aids for tinnitus masking.

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