What age should I be to benefit from hearing aids?

There is no specific age to benefit from hearing aids. If you are in need of maintaining a healthy hearing connection, then you are never to young or old for hearing aids.

Do I need a doctors referral to schedule a hearing test?

No you do not need a Doctors referral to schedule an appointment for a hearing test. Visit one of our clinic locations or contact us by phone or book an appointment online with us.

What is an audiogram?

An audiogram is a graphic chart that shows the results of a hearing test. It is used to determine if you have a hearing loss and the degree of your hearing loss. This will help the audiologist determine what your hearing aid options are.

Are hearing tests painful?

Hearing tests are not a painful procedure. You will not feel any discomfort or pain. This procedure is preformed by an experienced Audiologist or a Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Will hearing aids restore my hearing to a normal state?

Hearing aids will only aid your hearing. They can not restore your hearing to normal.