Five Benefits of a Premium Hearing Aid

Five Benefits of a Premium Hearing Aid

Five Benefits of a Premium Hearing Aid vs. Your Regular Hearing Aid.

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Aren’t all hearing aids the same?

In the same way that a top-of-the-line smart phone would comparatively perform the basic calling functions of a rotary phone from 1982, yes, all hearing aids do the “same thing” — that is, they help amplify sound and channel it into your ear. Premium Hearing Aids comes with loads of features that your regular hearing aids won’t have, and the difference is absolutely night and day.

The most common complaints about budget tier hearing aids are:

  • Your own voice is louder.
  • Background noise is amplified with speech.
  • You get feedback when using a cellphone.
  • Electronic interference in spots where radio frequency is high.
  • Everything is too loud, or not loud enough.
  • Battery dies too fast, and the frequency in which you have to change them is a huge cost.
  • Sometimes you can’t find the same budget brand of hearing aid and you’re forced to switch.

1. The Premium Tier of hearing aids are like the flagship smartphones. 

Not only do they come with better hardware, they’re also expected to be more durable and have a longer service life. The typical hearing aid lasts around three years at best, but a Premium Hearing Aid is expected to be in regular use for at least 5 to 7 years, with good maintenance. In the same period of time, you would be going through three sets of budget hearing aids.

2. Premium Hearing Aids deliver a superior sound quality that regular hearing aids won’t give you.

By the virtue of having better hardware, you can absolutely expect better reception in the sound quality department. Premium Hearing Aids are now powered by AI, which can recognize human speech and distinguish that from background noise. You’ll still hear everything, but your regular budget brand won’t be able to amplify only human speech in the same way that a Premium Hearing Aid does. Not to mention, better quality hardware means it’s less prone to electronic interference, feedback, and other unpleasant sounds that you get with the budget tier.

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3. Smartphone connectivity.

It’s a basic feature in everything else. Why not in your hearing aid? You won’t need a separate set of earphones to listen to music on your phone when your Premium Hearing Aid comes with Bluetooth connectivity. For the tech-inclined, you can even link your hearing aids to your computer, smart TV, and more. This is a fairly basic feature in most modern audiology products, but your budget brand hearing aid won’t have it.

4. Rechargeable Battery.

This is an often-overlooked part of Premium Hearing Aids. In today’s world, everything is rechargeable. Not only is it better for the environment, but you also won’t need physical batteries. The typical battery life of a Size 312 is 111.5 hours — or just 4.5 days. You’re realistically looking at 82 replacement batteries per year at minimum – assuming you don’t accidentally drop one and lose it on the floor. For those of us who may not be so dexterous with our hands, this is also a herculean task.  With a rechargeable battery, all you need to do is put your Premium Hearing Aid back in the same case you would use it carry it, and allow the case to charge it for you overnight. With only 2.5 hours of charge time, your Premium Hearing Aid is good for 30 hours of use. In a pinch? 10 minutes of charge time will give you 2 hours of use, so you’re covered, even in an emergency.

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Enjoy life and all the sounds that come with it to its fullest.

5. Aftercare, Follow up, and Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Premium Hearing Aids comes with a global team of specialists who knows the product inside and out. If you have any questions about how to use your new Premium Hearing Aid, all you need to do is ask. When you purchase a premium product, you also get premium service. Hardware warranty? You got it. Excellent customer service? Ready to help you any time. Feeling lost about all the new features? You’re only one call away from speaking with a team that’s specifically trained for empathy and patience. A budget brand can’t offer you that. A budget brand can’t guarantee your satisfaction.


The verdict? Not only will you be getting a superior sound quality on a product that has a longer service time, you’re also freeing yourself up from having to worry about carrying tiny batteries or electronic interferences when you purchase a Premium Hearing Aid. You can rest easy knowing that should anything unexpected come up, you’re completely covered from A to Z, with a team that knows what they’re doing. With a budget brand, in the same amount of time, you’ll be buying two or three pairs, plus the cost of replacement batteries. You won’t be getting the amazing features that Premium Hearing Aids offer, and you won’t be listening to crystal clear speech that the Premium Hearing Aid’s AI delivers. 

When you factor in everything, you end up paying the same price (and possibly more!) for the budget brand.

Still have questions? Give us a call any time to book a FREE hearing evaluation and our specialists can help you decide which Premium Aid is best suited for your needs.

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