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What is involved in a hearing screening?

The Hearing Care Professional first asks you a few questions. For example: What situations do you find yourself in that cause you to think your hearing has gotten worse? Have you been / are you exposed to very loud noises at work?

A hearing test at Evear Hearing takes place in a soundproof booth, sounds at different frequencies are played to you through insert headphones. These sounds cover the frequency range of 125 to 8,000 Hertz, very low to very high. They are played in each ear individually and start at an easily audible level, that is decided by the Hearing Care Professional, and slowly decrease and increase in volume. You will be asked to indicate each time you hear the sound by pressing a button. At the end of the test with the insert headphones, the same test may be performed with vibrations on the skull. This test will be able to determine if there is any damage to the middle ear.

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