Hearing Aid Recycling

Our Hearing Care Professional will recommend the most appropriate hearing solution based on your hearing loss, hearing needs, and lifestyle - all the information gathered during your hearing aid evaluation. Today’s hearing aids are tiny, high-performing computers. Thanks to digital technology and sophisticated software, they can be customized according to the hearing loss and the individual’s personal needs. This is crucial since everyone identifies hearing loss in a different way.

Battery Recycling

The disposal of hearing aid batteries depends on the battery and if it contains mercury. Mercury-free battery options CAN be disposed of in household waste. To determine if your hearing aid batteries are mercury-free refer to the packaging. If the battery package does not say “mercury-free” assume it is not safe to toss. We are happy to help reduce the number of hearing aid batteries that end up in landfills by recycling hearing aid batteries in ‪Mississauga, Canada.

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