Receiver in the Ear vs. Behind the Ear

The difference between Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) and Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids is that the receiver sits directly in your ear on an RIE. In contrast, BTE hearing aids have the receiver built into the body of the hearing aid. Call our hearing health clinic for more information!

What are BTE Hearing Aids?

BTE hearing aids are hearing aids you wear outside your ear. A small tube then routes the sound down into your ear canal. The best hearing aids provide the most amplification behind the ear, making them the preferred solution for users with severe-to-profound hearing loss. BTE hearing aids are available in many sizes, shapes, and colour options. You can choose one that matches your skin tone or hair colour.

behind the ear hearing aid

Evear Hearing Clinic offers BTE hearing aids that are a complete hearing solution that provides high-quality sound from any direction, all the needed amplification with no feedback, and seamless connectivity to virtually any source. Call our hearing aid clinic for more information about better hearing solutions for you!

Why Choose a BTE Hearing Aid?

  • Comfortable since it doesn’t sit deep in your ear
  • Available with the thin tube or with a personalized earmold
  • Provides the best amplification for better hearing
  • Despite the size, they are barely visible when worn
  • Easy to handle and clean for better hearing solutions

Behind the Ear Hearing Aid

Receiver in Ear Hearing Aids

What are Receiver in the Ear Hearing Aids?

Receiver in the ear hearing aids is one of the most popular hearing aids thanks to their ease of wearing and effectiveness. The receiver in the ear hearing aid consists of a small casing that comfortably sits behind the ear—the casing houses all of the hearing aid’s electronic components, except the receiver. An enclosed wire transmits sound to the receiver that rests in the ear canal.

Our hearing aid clinic offers RIE hearing aids that combine a brilliant sound experience, an unrivalled full spectrum of streaming, more options for support and personalization.

Receiver in Ear Hearing Aids

Why Choose a Receiver in the Ear Hearing Aid?

  • Less susceptible to feedback sounds from your hearing aids
  • Good at amplifying high-pitched sounds, giving you a more precise, more natural sound quality for better hearing solutions
  • Small, discreet
  • Light and comfortable to wear for better hearing
  • Available in many different colours

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Receiver in Ear Hearing Aids

Available Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

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