The Best Hearing Aids That Are Invisible in Your Ear Canal

In Canal Hearing Aids

What are Invisible in Canal Hearing Aids?

IIC hearing aids are the smallest invisible hearing aids available. Sitting deep inside the ear canal, so it’s practically undetectable to everyone around you. IIC hearing aids are custom-made to fit the shape of your ear. The custom device is created using an earmold, which your hearing specialist will make from your ear. The custom style is very small so this style might not fit a more severe hearing loss.

Today’s small hearing aids are comfortable and discreet, and they vary in colour, special features, and the way they fit in your ears. The latest generation of IIC hearing aids are now smarter and smaller than ever, allowing you to hear more of the sounds around you, with the device being hardly noticeable in your ear. IIC hearing aids are scarcely detectable by others. Still, you will surely notice the difference as you will have better hearing. Call our hearing aid clinic for more information!

Are they Suitable for Everyone?

​IIC hearing aids are the perfect solution for those who want a discreet hearing aid and have mild-to-moderate hearing loss. If you have severe hearing loss, there are still many options to get a discreet better hearing solution. By examining your unique requirements, you and your hearing specialist can determine the best fit for your needs. Call and book an appointment with our hearing aid clinic to discover the best hearing aids tailored to your needs today!

In Canal Hearing Aids

Custom in Canal Hearing Aids

What is CUSTOM in Canal Hearing Aids?

Custom-made hearing aids measured to match your ears and made just for you. There are many types of hearing aids available, but custom-made hearing aids are unique. The best hearing aids are tailored to your individual hearing needs, ear shape, size, and structure. The custom device is created using an earmold, which your hearing specialist will make from your ear. The smallest custom hearing aids are very discreet and almost invisible in the ear. This type of hearing aid is ideal for active people, and it does not interfere with glasses. Each hearing aid will be personalized for you and will provide you with better hearing.

Personalization and Diversity

In today’s world, personalization has become an essential part of any experience. Customizing different aspects – style, fit, function, colour, features – makes everything feel genuinely personal. This level of personalization is now possible with hearing aids, especially with custom hearing aids.

Evear Hearing Clinic offers custom-made hearing aids that are lightweight and an ergonomic one-piece design. They are easy to insert, wear, and remove. Custom-made hearing aids are made to fit discreetly in your ears for all-day comfort, providing you with better hearing solutions. Call and book an appointment with our hearing aid clinic!

Benefits of Custom in Canal Hearing Aids

  • Size and discretion
  • Natural wind noise reduction
  • Usability, comfort, and custom fit
  • Natural and personalized sound for better hearing solutions
  • Connectivity with devices and Bluetooth

Available In the Ear Hearing Aids

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