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Audiology Clinic Brampton

Choose Evear Hearing for Hearing Services in Brampton

Evear Hearing provides a full-service hearing clinic to assess and treat hearing issues. Our services range from hearing tests and managing tinnitus to hearing aid fittings and sales. By using the latest technology in hearing aids, our hearing aid specialist can assist you in finding a hearing device that’s most suitable for your environment and lifestyle.

Hearing loss involves more than just the inability to understand others. It affects how we live, interpret our surroundings, and engage with others. At our clinic, our focus is on providing the best hearing solutions possible.

Since our clinics are independently owned and operated, we have complete autonomy in selecting hearing aid providers. This aspect allows us to focus on our client’s hearing — not on fulfilling a quota.

We believe in placing our customer’s needs first. Therefore, we offer innovative hearing solutions and give our clients superior hearing aids provided within the Canadian healthcare system. Our team is committed to offering the best hearing solutions available.

Hearing loss isn’t specific to ageing. People of varying ages may require assistance in hearing better. We understand for some wearing a hearing aid can be embarrassing. However, we offer products that fit gently into the ear and are easily concealable. No one will even know you are wearing one, regardless of age.

How Does a Hearing Test Help You?

Hearing tests can assist you in determining the cause of hearing loss. Numerous factors can lead to hearing loss — many of which are treatable.

Establishing Hearing History and Health

Hearing tests establish a hearing history as there are several factors that may affect your hearing, including environmental, genetic, or inherited causes. Our professionals will discuss your symptoms and their daily impact. They need to be aware of your lifestyle, employment, social situations, and hobbies to find the most suitable product for your needs.

Your hearing changes over time. Therefore, it is useful to discuss how often you should have your hearing checked. Furthermore, if you already have hearing aids, you must know how often they will need adjusting.

Test Can Point to Other Issues

Hearing loss can be attributed to other issues and may not be permanent. Conditions like colds, allergies, impacted earwax, and ear infections can lead to hearing loss. Likewise, trauma can impact hearing as well. If you have experienced a blow to the ear or head, this may cause hearing loss symptoms.

Measure the Quietest Sound Heard

Tests are non-invasive and painless. They are designed to measure the quietest sound you can hear. Hearing tests are conducted in soundproof rooms designed to eliminate outside noise that can affect your exam results.

Clients are asked to wear headphones connected to an audiometer for the test. This allows us to measure for inner ear damage, pitch, volume, and acoustic reflexes.

Diagnose the Extent of Hearing Loss

Tests allow professionals to determine the extent of hearing loss. Our team of professionals uses audiometry to measure what you hear to a baseline. It permits us to analyze what treatment you need by outlining the degree of hearing loss.

Brampton’s Top Hearing Clinic

Services We Provide in Brampton

Our office in Brampton provides several services designed to meet your hearing needs. Services range from testing to management to treatments.

Tinnitus Management

Most people associate tinnitus with ear ringing. However, it also encompasses buzzing, cricket-like chirping, and hissing sounds in the ear. Our team of audiologists can provide sound therapy for those suffering from tinnitus, through a hearing aid or other treatment options.

These hearing aids are designed to be programmed to contrast the internal sounds associated with tinnitus by increasing external noise.

Ear Wax Removal

Using an otoscope to examine the ear canal, our professionals can view the extent of the build-up.

Each location contains video otoscopes permitting patients to see inside the ear canal on a screen. We can initiate several forms of wax removal for substantial earwax.

Hearing Test

You may need a hearing test if you experience social withdrawal, feelings of isolation, and a loss of self-confidence, you may need a hearing test. Routine screenings are recommended for most people every three years after 50.

Our hearing tests will determine the extent of hearing loss and what can be done. When you leave our office, we want you to be confident that you made the best decision surrounding your hearing.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Should you need a hearing aid, our team of hearing aid specialists can assist you in finding the best product to suit your situation and lifestyle. After all, it isn’t enough to be able to hear well. The device must suit your lifestyle. Otherwise, it won’t do, and you won’t be happy.

Our team will ask questions based on your employment, hobbies, lifestyle, and environment. We will assist you in finding the right hearing aid by allowing you to try them. From there, we will work with you to adjust the hearing aid to the right level.

Where Can You Find Our Hearing Clinic in Brampton?

Our Brampton location is at 75 Montpelier Street. It is found in a strip mall on the corner of Montpelier Street and Financial Drive. To book a hearing test, contact us at 647-812-7176 or fill out an online form here.

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