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Evear Hearing in Oakville

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Every person is unique. Therefore, shouldn’t your hearing plan be customized to suit you? At Evear Hearing, our hearing aid specialists offer customized treatment plans with innovative technology tailored to your needs. When selecting a provider, it is crucial that your lifestyle, environment, and overall hearing needs are taken into consideration.

We believe in providing premium products to our clients. Our hearing aids amplify speech and pick up frequencies in your hearing range. With Advanced AI, you will experience greater sound accuracy.

Each sound is crisp and clear from the moment you wear them. Yet, not only do our hearing aids provide exceptional sound, they utilize Bluetooth technology as well.

Why is this important? Bluetooth technology allows your hearing aids to connect to various devices providing a clearer sound compared to other non-Bluetooth-enabled aids.

Whether you need a hearing test, earwax removal, assistance with a hearing aid, or tinnitus management, we will provide you with the best service imaginable. After all, our focus is helping our patients hear better to providing a better quality of life.

Causes of Hearing Loss

There are many reasons why you may experience hearing loss at any age. Causes of hearing loss can range from allergies or ear infections to loud work environments or genetic factors. Yet, whatever the source, it is important to understand how to prevent further damage and develop a plan to improve your hearing.

Ear Infections

Temporary hearing loss is common with ear infections. Ear infections occur in the middle ear located behind your eardrum. It contains small, vibrating bones of your ear. Children are more likely to suffer from this type infection and they clear on their own. However, some indiviudals are prone to several ear infections. These may generate serious complications in addition to hearing issues.

Loud Music

Occasionally cranking up the tunes may not lead to permanent hearing loss. Exposure to continuous or loud pulsing sounds can create a temporary loss of hearing which disappears within days.

However, repeated exposure to noise 85 decibels or higher for over eight hours daily can cause permanent hearing damage.

Genetic Issues

Hearing loss may be the result of a family history or genetics. In 50-60% of babies, hearing loss is from a genetic origin, with only 25% being environmental (maternal infection while pregnant and birth complications).

Genetics can play a factor in hearing loss from birth or can predispose an individual to hearing loss later in life, known as congenital hearing loss.

Evear Hearing

Our Hearing Services in Oakville

At Evear Hearing, we provide various services to address your hearing loss. Whether you are looking for a routine hearing exam or need to know the cause of your hearing loss, our team of audiologists can not only provide a diagnosis but assist you in finding a solution that works for you.

Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax build-ups can result from not properly cleaning the ears, allergies, ear infections, and colds. Some people also naturally produce dry or hard earwax making removal challenging.

As we age, earwax will become drier. We incorporate the following for ear wax removal:

  • Water Irrigation: The most effective in healthy ear canals and with a fully intact ear drum. It flushes out the ear canal.
  • Mirco-Suction: Uses a vacuum to remove wax/debris in the ear canal.
  • Dry Removal: A Hal-Hen Ear Light gently removes ear wax close to the entrance of the ear canal.

Hearing Test

We offer numerous methods for testing your range of hearing. Techniques may comprise being placed in a soundproof booth with headphones to detect hearing ability. We evaluate hearing health with an audiogram that illustrates test sounds using a scale.

It provides information in decibels based on hearing thresholds. Hearing Instrument Specialists can examine frequencies where your threshold differs from normal hearing. We will then explain the results and recommend the best product.

Hearing Aid Fitting

We provide the best hearing aids according to your lifestyle and situation. Our hearing aid specialists understand that it takes time to find the hearing aid that works best for you.

Therefore, we offer a 30-day trial period to test various hearing aids to find the one you enjoy most.

Once you find the right one, we will adjust the settings so that it operates well according to your environment and lifestyle.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus, known as ear ringing, hissing, roaring or buzzing, can affect hearing. While it doesn’t directly cause hearing loss, it can affect how we hear external sounds.

We provide sound therapy for tinnitus with hearing aids programmed to contrast internal sounds.

Where Can You Find Our Oakville Hearing Clinic?

Our Oakville clinic is found at 2501 Third Line Unit 31. We are in a strip mall close to Pine Glen Road and Newcastle Crescent. The location is between King Dry Cleaners and Quik Chik.

To book your appointment, call us at 647-800-7018 or visit our website, here

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