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Can Hearing Aids help with onset of Dementia?

New study finds that Hearing Aids may help with onset of Dementia and other cognitive declines. A newly published study in JAMA neurology offers insight that managing hearing loss may help reduce or delay the onset of cognitive decline, including…

Tips for reducing hearing loss this holiday

Are you aware how noisy family gatherings can become? The holiday season is a time to celebrate with friends and family, enjoying amazing traditional and new recipes alike. Many people enjoy festive parties with holiday music, sports, or even going…

At what decibel does hearing loss occur?

At what decibel does hearing loss occur? Loud noises can cause hearing loss. That’s something we’ve all said and heard it innumerable times before. It’s easy to claim a generic true fact — much like the sky is blue and…

OTC Hearing Aids

What are OTC Hearing Aids? Over the Counter hearing aids are devices that are commercially available for anyone to purchase without having to see a hearing specialist, and are often marketing as very low cost, “easy to use”, and comes…

 Five Benefits of a Premium Hearing Aid

Five Benefits of a Premium Hearing Aid

In the same way that a top-of-the-line smart phone would comparatively perform the basic calling functions of a rotary phone from 1982, yes, all hearing aids do the "same thing" -- that is, they help amplify sound and channel it…

9 Amazing Everyday Tips for Your Ear Health!

9 Amazing Everyday Tips for Your Ear Health! Much like your eyes and teeth, any form of hearing loss can become permanent and irreversible very rapidly. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. While our body can heal physical wounds,…

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