“Only ‘Old People’ Wear Hearing aids”

“Only ‘Old People’ Wear Hearing aids”

It is important to remember that people of all ages suffer from hearing loss – from kids and teenagers to adults and seniors. It is normal to feel worried that hearing loss means you are aging, and that you want to hide it. 35.4% of Canadians aged 20 – 70 have a high frequency hearing loss. Many young people wear hearing aids, so wearing a device yourself does not say anything about your age. It is more likely the symptoms of untreated hearing loss can make you feel and act old. Connecting with others can help your brain stay younger and keep you engaged with life.

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Hearing loss isn’t just a sign of ageing likened to greying hair, because hearing loss can arise from a variety of factors. For example, if you’ve been regularly exposed to loud noise, you might develop hearing loss at a young age. But the benefits of hearing treatment is that the earlier you start the better the results will be.

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