Hearing your best at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we count our blessings and think about what we are thankful for. Family and friends are at the top of the list! But have you ever thought about if you are hearing your family and friends the best you can? Children’s voices are often the most difficult to hear for people with hearing loss. Many children are excited to share stories with their older relatives, asking “Grandma, Grandpa! Guess what I did at school?”, but today’s masked and socially-distant world can cause communication to be even more debilitating! With the help of Evear’s latest hearing technology, you’ll be able to communicate better and more effortlessly with the young ones in your life!

This year has brought many new changes and challenges to the way we live and enjoy our lives. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we’ll l be celebrating differently than we’re used to. Now, more than ever, we cherish the time we get to spend with family and friends. This Thanksgiving, you'll want to hear and participate in conversations with family and friends!

Due to COVID-19, some family members may be practicing social distancing at their Thanksgiving celebration. Can you guarantee that you will be able to understand the conversation when you are six feet apart? Many family members might want to wear a mask, which causes their voice to be muffled. On top of the muffled voice, it also hides any facial expressions and lip movements that are essential aspects of understanding for many people with hearing loss. Many people heavily rely on lip reading to better understand a conversation. Can you guarantee that you will be able to understand a conversation when the speaker is wearing a mask?

The gathering limits set by the Government of Ontario are 10 people or less indoors and 25 people or less outdoors. Being outdoors in a group of 25 people or less can still be noisy enough to create an environment where it becomes difficult to understand conversations. Can you guarantee that you will be able to understand and participate in conversations when in a noisy environment?

Evear Hearing offers hearing aids that automatically adjust to your environment! They decrease the amount of background noise so you can better understand who’s talking, giving you the most natural quality of sound. Today's devices can help you follow more than one conversation at a time and encourage engagement in group discussions. You don’t want to feel isolated!

Some families have decided to have a remote Thanksgiving using video chat. Can you guarantee that you will be able to understand and participate in conversations over video chat?

Evear Hearing offers hearing aids that will connect to your devices via Bluetooth. You will be able to stream the audio of the video chat directly into your hearing aids, instead of through your device's speaker. This technology ensures that way you will have the best quality of sound and will be able to actively participate in conversation with your family members.

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Research shows that most people wait up to 7 years before they decide to do something about their hearing loss. It is as important as ever to be able to communicate and participate with those around you, especially in today’s masked and socially distant world! Why continue to struggle understanding conversations? There is no need! Our hearing care professional is passionate to help you find a hearing solution that works for your unique needs.

Book a complimentary hearing test today. Contact us to discuss the opportunity to try out our hearing aid technology over Thanksgiving risk-free!

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