How Often Should Hearing Aids Be Cleaned?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Once every 6 months to a year, your hearing aids should get a thorough cleaning and check-up. These appointments are usually booked ahead of time and are important for the maintenance of your hearing aid. That said, these appointments are not the only time your hearing aids should be cleaned, they need regular cleaning to function properly.

Hearing aids are computers as powerful as your phone or laptop but the build-up of wax can render them useless! Luckily you have the tools to do some cleaning at home. At the end of every hearing aid is a wax guard or wax filter. This filter traps wax and prevents it from getting deeper into the hearing aid and damaging its components. But when this filter is full it needs to be changed and the replacement process is easy!

Unsure how to replace the filter? Give us a call and we can explain it further for you, or come visit our clinic and we can show you in person!