What is Tinnitus?

Updated: Jun 26

Tinnitus is usually described as ringing, buzzing, clicking or hissing, in your ears that only you experience. It may be constant, or it may come and go. But it is an internal sound, meaning there's no external source to blame for the noise.

While not everyone is bothered by it many people have experienced tinnitus at one point or another, usually after exposure to loud noise. Remember that moment after leaving a loud club or a concert? All of a sudden everything sounds a little quieter and muffled, you might notice a ringing in the background. That is tinnitus, while some might only experience it for those few minutes after a concert others can hear it all the time. The perception of tinnitus is unique to each person it affects; for one person it can be unbearable and for another it is barely noticeable.

Therein lies the problem, tinnitus treatment can never be one size fits all it has to be tailored to each patient. This is often here hearing aids play a role, most hearing aids nowadays come with built-in sound therapy. Tinnitus maskers that help disguise the ringing, but that's not the only way hearing aids help. In our next blog post we'll go over the relationship between hearing loss and tinnitus to further explain the benefit of hearing aids in treatment of tinnitus.

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