Tips for reducing hearing loss this holiday

Are you aware how noisy family gatherings can become?

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with friends and family, enjoying amazing traditional and new recipes alike. Many people enjoy festive parties with holiday music, sports, or even going door to door with choruses; but for some people with hearing loss, these events can be a challenge. Hearing loss is a common problem, so it’s important to make sure everyone in your group can have the best experience they could possibly get. Even if you or your loved one wears hearing aids, it can still be hard to hear at parties or big festive dinners because of all the background noise. That’s on top of all the normal noises of a large family gathering. The good news is that all you need to do are minor adjustments to your everyday life! The hard part is being mindful of all the things that can cause discomfort for anyone with hearing loss, and we can do the thinking for you!

With the press of a button. It's just that easy!

Sports events are loud enough on their own, and for the most part, the “important” plays are called by loud audio cues anyway. You don’t need to boost the TV so someone could hear it across your house. Turn down the volume, and turn on the Closed Captions. It will still be enjoyable for anyone watching the screen, and it won’t increase the noises in your home. 

When you’re not trying to talk over the TV, the chattering in the background will stay at a normal indoor speaking voice.

Use one of your guest rooms as a quiet room. Designate a quiet area for your guests.

Look, dealing with family can be exhausting. We’ve all been there. It certainly doesn’t help if there’s nowhere else you can go to have a moment to yourself. That’s why it’s always a good idea to designate a quiet space. Did you need a moment to yourself? Want a couple minutes of silence? Have a room meant for your guests to escape and recharge before entering the fray again. Who knows? Maybe you can sneak in a couple minutes yourself!

Reduce the noise level of holiday music

It’s not that we don’t want to hear Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You for the billionth time. Promise. But let’s turn the dial down a little and let it sit at a comfortable level. Background music should stay background music, and never interfere with real conversations. 

Now, if you break out the karaoke mics, that’s a whole different story.

Sound dampeners for living space
Add more sound dampeners to your living space.

Add sound dampeners to your living space!

If you have big windows, consider adding a thin layer of curtain to compliment the rest of your living room. Add some indoor plants, some decorations, and perhaps some throw cushions. Anything soft that could absorb soundwaves will help create a quieter environment. A rug that covers your living space? Perfection.

The less “empty” space you leave on the walls, windows, and floors, the less area you will have sound waves bouncing off.

Get to know your guests!

If you have guests that are using hearing aids, get to know them better! Ask how you can make their stay even more comfortable. The best way to create a welcoming environment is to custom tailor your home to fit the needs of your family. That’s something no blog on the internet can tell you. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, or noticed that conversations seems to be muffled this holiday season, it’s time to contact a hearing specialist and complete an audiological hearing exam. Hearing loss is permanent and irreversible, and the sooner you begin to treat it, the better it will be. Evear Hearing is based in Mississauga, Brampton, and soon Oakville to serve all your hearing needs!

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